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Seal Centr (Pty) Ltd


Materials Include:

Nitrile 70 Shore; General Use

Nitrile 90 Shore; Higher pressure applications

Viton - Heat, chemical resistant (80 Shore)

Silicone - Heat & Chemical resistant. Food- grade (60 Shore)

EPDM - Used for brake fluid, Chemicals and UV Applications

O’ring Kits

Imperial & Metric.

Nitrile 70 Shore, Viton, 90 Shore & Silicone.

O’ring Cord

Sold per meter or in rolls of 50 & 100m. A wide range of diameters are available.

Silicone Sponge


Used for Vacuum and Heat applications

Back-Up Rings

Back-Up rings prevent extrusion in high pressure service or compensate for loose fitting parts ( 90 Shore ). Most commonly used with O’rings and mostly available in imperial sizes.

Quad Rings

Nitrile, 90 Shore, When cut in a profile, It looks like an X. Used for higher applications than O’rings.

D Rings

Used in higher applications than O’rings & Rectangular profile.

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